RT Edgar Rye - Holiday Accommodation Terms and Conditions


Please note third party booking fees are included in the total rental amount.


Ø All reservation requests are subject to confirmation.

Ø Confirmation of your booking will only be made once we receive your deposit.

Ø Method of payment: cheque or direct credit via EFT or credit card

– Visa or MasterCard only. A bank fee of 1.21% is incurred and deducted from the bond.

Ø A copy of photo identification must be provided at the time of payment.

Ø Full payment rental must be paid 28 days prior to the start date of the booking.

 Ø Bookings made within a month of booking must be paid within 2 days.

Ø Our properties are not for hire for weddings or functions. There is a $2000.00 immediate fine should an unauthorised function be held at the property.

Ø A minimum of two consecutive nights booking are required (low and shoulder season only) unless you book a public holiday weekend then three or four consecutive nights are required as specified, chargeable at shoulder season weekend rates. A seven-night minimum on some properties applies at peak season during December and January unless otherwise specified.

Ø The person who signs the application form (person making the booking) is the registered guest solely responsible for the booking and the duty of care to the property, its contents and surrounds. The registered guest undertakes that they have read and will adhere to the Terms & Conditions. It is expected that the registered guest will exercise due care in protecting the property from damage that may result from but not limited to weather change such as increase in wind speed causing doors to slam or umbrellas to break, sudden heavy rain coming through open windows or doors.

 Ø The registered guest must supply a mobile phone number and ensure that they can be contactable 24/7 when occupying the residence for security purposes.

Ø All booking variations and cancellations must be made by the registered guest.

Ø You agree to supply us with the names and ages of all guests who will be residing or visiting the property during your stay upon request. This is an occupational health and safety issue relating to fire safety, sanitation and hygiene issues and the property may be checked for compliance.

 Ø No schoolies bookings are permitted or bookings for groups under 25 years of age.


In May 2018, Mornington Peninsula Council adopted the Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law, providing clear guidelines on the required standards for the operation of this type of accommodation. Council believes that visitors to the area should be able to enjoy their experience without adversely affecting the local community.

The code includes the following:

  1. Outdoor areas including swimming pools, spas, outdoor decking and balconies are not used between 11pm and 7am.
  2. Occupants are aware of waste disposal arrangements and excess waste is removed.

The code of conduct identifies unacceptable behaviour particularly after 11pm to be:

  1. Aggressive behaviour
  2. Yelling, screaming and arguing
  3. Cheering, clapping and singing

In the event of any of the above mentioned, you may be charged anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

Please review the new council laws - file:///C:/Users/reception/Downloads/Short-Stay-Rental-Accommodation-Code-of-Conduct-Adopted-24-April-2018%20(3).pdf



No cancellations will be accepted 24 hours prior to arrival.

Cancellations are strictly 1 week prior to arrival – 50% of total value will be retained including any booking fees.

If the property is re-let for the entire period of the proposed occupancy, you will receive the remaining 50% less a booking fee of $55 after the booked dates.

If the dates are not rebooked you will lose the 50% as per the cancellation policy.

 All monies returned will be via cheque or EFT

 We cannot pay cash.


Ø The Tenant agrees to pay a Security Bond of $1,000.00 or a determined amount to be held in RT Edgar Rye Trust Account for the duration of their stay.

Ø Providing misleading information will forfeit the bond.

Ø The cost of any damage to the property caused by the tenant is recoverable and deducted from the holding Security Bond.

Ø Damage or breakages to the property must be reported to our office immediately, if the tenant is at fault charges will be deducted from security bond. This includes but is not limited to damage caused by use of sparklers, fireworks, fire outside and inside, and cigarette burns.

Ø Disputes regarding damage, cleaning or rubbish will not be entered into unless reported to our office upon arrival at the premises.

Ø The number of occupants must not exceed the number agreed with the Agent upon booking.

Ø An inspection by RT Edgar Rye may be conducted at any time if RT Edgar Rye has concerns regarding damage, noise or the number of people staying overnight at the property exceeds the numbers agreed to on the booking form.

Ø The agent or his landlord shall give NO refund or discount if this accommodation limit is exceeded.

 Ø The landlord will be compensated for extra guests charged at a rate of $100 per person. RT Edgar Rye reserves the right to immediately evict occupants and forfeit bond if occupancy agreement is exceeded.

 Ø The tenants will be expected to leave the property in the same condition as when they took up occupancy.


Ø All losses, breakages or damages must be reported to RT Edgar Rye and paid for to the satisfaction of the owner. This cost shall be deducted from the bond.

 Ø Excess cleaning fees of $45 per hour will be deducted from the bond if our cleaners need to spend longer at the property than is normally allocated, or if access is delayed due to late departure a fee at $80 per hour will be deducted from the bond.

Ø The bond will be released back to the tenant 7 days (or sooner) after departure on the provision that the property is left in a clean condition with all rubbish removed from inside the property and no damage caused. Rubbish must be placed in appropriate bins ie. Recycling must go in recycling bin and rubbish in rubbish bin, and not left alongside bin or overflowing. Excess rubbish removal (rubbish that does not fit in the bins) will be charged at a minimum of $65 per hour.

Ø Please note that in the peak season the bond refund time frame may be a little longer than 7 days.


Please ensure if allowed pets on the property you remove all droppings ($100 per dropping will be charged) all pet hair needs to be removed or you will be charged.


Ø RT Edgar Rye act as Agents in good faith when taking bookings, therefore we accept no responsibility for bookings made over the phone or by internet, without the tenant having inspected the property first.

Ø Actions taken by owners may be beyond our control, such as property being sold, rental rates being increased prior to confirmation of booking, or the property taken off the rental market. In any situation, which may arise from these circumstances, we will endeavour to do our best in finding another property.

Ø RT Edgar Rye will not be held responsible for failure of utilities and appliances if they cease to function. However we will report incidences to landlords and follow their instructions.


 Ø Key Collection: In the week of your arrival, you will be provided with the street number, key safe number and location.

Ø Adequate identification must be shown before keys being released.

Ø Full payment of funds must be received into RT Edgar Rye trust account before property details will be provided. GENERAL HOUSE RULES + INSTRUCTIONS

Ø Pets are not to be kept on premises unless the landlord has granted permission.


 – If the property has a gas BBQ and the gas bottle for the BBQ is empty or low, please refill & retain your receipt for purchase to be reimbursed by landlord.

Ø Do not flush foreign objects into the septic system; tenants will be liable for damage.

  • If the bbq is not cleaned upon your departure using the bbq cleaning kit, you will be charged $100.


--Tenants are required to bring their own linen including: top and bottom sheets, pillow cases, towels and tea towels.

Ø Linen service is available on request charged per person for your stay.

Ø All properties supply good quality doonas, pillows and blankets for your comfort.

_ If you do not bring your own linen and we have found that the bedding has been soiled or dirtied, you will be charged for the professional laundering of the items.

Linen Hire: If linen hire has been arranged please note:

  1. Any damaged or missing items will be charged for at full replacement cost.
  2. Please avoid using towels and linen for removal of makeup. Any particularly soiled items may incur an additional laundering fee.
  3. Please do not use the hire linen/towels to clean up property.
  4. Please do not use bath Towels at the Beach or Poolside.

The property

--The property will not be serviced during your stay unless you have pre-booked housekeeping services seven working days prior to your arrival. This can be arranged at extra cost and includes surface cleans of bathrooms, kitchens and linen changeover.

Ø Strictly no smoking indoors. Any evidence of smoking or butts left at the property will result in a fee of $200 will be incurred for cleaning, steam cleaning or repairs required from smoke damage.

Ø Any butts left at the property including grounds or garden will be charged an addition $45 from the security bond.

Ø Any bottles, bottle tops, and general rubbish left at the grounds or garden will be charged an addition $45 from the security bond.

Ø Parties with large numbers of people over the number of occupants agreed are not permitted. Day visitors are welcome for a BBQ for example. Bond forfeiture will apply.

Ø Music and general noise must not disturb neighbours.

Ø We ask that you keep music and noise to a minimum after 10pm and that tennis court lights are switched off by this time for the comfort and privacy of neighbours. If you breach these terms and there is a security callout deduction of $100 to be charged with each security or caretaker callout. Only one warning will be issued for noise complaints. A second complaint will result in immediate eviction and the security deposit will not be refunded.

 Ø If there is a pool, spa or tennis court at the property it may only be used between 6am and 10pm, this is to keep noise levels with the council guidelines.

Ø All pool/spa and electronic filters are professionally managed and maintained. Guests are not to alter these settings. Any changes made by guests will incur additional maintenance costs. The minimum fee is $66.

 Ø In the interests of guest safety and protection of the pool, no glassware, alcohol bottles, drinking glasses are permitted beyond the pool gate.

 Ø Please do not change audio-visual settings on televisions or related equipment. If an AV technician is required to correct changes made by occupiers the cost will be deducted from your security deposit.

Ø Tents and/or caravans are not permitted at the property.

Ø Furniture must not be moved from the position they were found in or $100 will be deducted from the bond.

 Ø All commercial activities are prohibited at the property.

Ø A guest compendium is supplied at each property detailing user instructions for appliances and amenities. Should you require a staff member to assist with any problem during your stay a $100 attendance fee may be incurred if the problem is not an appliance fault. Unless it is an emergency, call outs are usually only attended to during office hours 9am-5pm Monday – Friday.


Ø Houses are to be vacated by 10:00am on the day of departure unless a late extension has been granted by the landlord.

Ø Premises must be left clean and tidy.

Ø Furniture and crockery left in original position and all rubbish removed from inside the property. Ø Please put rubbish bins out on Sunday evening. Place the bin facing the road. Ensure rubbish is inside bin, not alongside or overflowing otherwise bins will not be collected. It will be necessary to charge $65.00 when bins are left full

– for excess rubbish only.

Ø If cleaners are kept waiting for access, a $90.00 per hour rescheduling fee will apply.

Ø If additional cleaning is required above general cleaning, a minimum cleaning charge at $45.00 per hour will be charged.

Ø Keys must be returned to where they were obtained from at the beginning of the stay or a fee of $50 will be deducted from the bond. In the event of keys being lost a fee of $150 will be deducted from the bond. Where key safes are installed in properties keys must not be forced in as the key safe may be damaged. In the event of the key safe being damaged or code being changed a fee of $150 will be deducted from the bond.

Ø The property must be left locked. If theft or damage occurs as a result of the property being left unlocked, you will be liable for costs of repairs and replacement and change of locks.

Ø Late return of keys will incur a penalty payment.

Ø If the house is not vacated on time the landlord has the right to claim an extra days rent from the bond.

Ø A fee on $50 will be charged for any personal items left in properties requiring collection. Goods will only be held for 14 days while tenant arranges pick up.

Ø BBQs must be properly cleaned at the end of your stay otherwise there will be a $100 charge.

Ø No refund shall be made for early departure or refusal to stay at the property.

Ø Please remember that the house that you have chosen means a great deal to the owners so please treat it with the same respect you would wish for your own property.


Ø RT Edgar Rye acts as an agent only of the property, we are not the owner and do not have direct control over how the property is presented, maintained, configured or fitted out. Therefore, we take no responsibility for any differences, changes, modifications or out-of-service equipment at the property that we were not advised of by the owner at the time of your booking.

Ø RT Edgar Rye is not liable for any damage caused to the guest’s property or person. No responsibility is taken for personal property left on the premises.


Ø You agree to indemnify RT Edgar Rye against any loss or damage directly or indirectly incurred by RT Edgar resulting from property damage and/or a breach by you of any of these Terms and Conditions including but not limited to loss of management fees and revenue where the owner terminates their agreement with RT Edgar Rye as a result of property damage and/or a breach of Terms and Conditions by you